The brand story we want to tell is designed to benefit Dearborn businesses and residents in a wide variety of ways.

Today’s Dearborn Brand initiative grew out of a strategic planning effort for Downtown Dearborn that began in 2015 and arrived at important conclusions the following year. Originally focused on strategies to unite Dearborn’s two downtowns along Michigan Avenue, today the plan includes additional business districts in Dearborn as well as the city in general. Stakeholders who took part in strategic planning effort identified a list of strategic goals that inform the current brand development effort.

  1. Attract and retain top talent.

    People don’t choose companies on their own merits alone. They also consider the surrounding community. We want the most in-demand talent to discover what a smart, satisfying choice Dearborn can be.

  2. Encourage the workforce to live, play and stay in Dearborn during the work day, after hours, and on weekends.

    In the healthiest and most interesting cities, downtown doesn’t close down when the workday is over. We want to showcase the many offerings that make downtown Dearborn a great place to spend time all the time.

  3. Drive complementary businesses to locate and operate in the districts and support the downtown vision.

    Dearborn planners and civic leaders have identified several key districts that already serve as lively commercial hubs, each with their own distinct character. We want the story we tell to paint a compelling picture of each.

  4. Engage stakeholders of all kinds and encourage stakeholder investment.

    We want the story we tell to be so exciting and relevant that Dearborn businesses and individuals see themselves reflected in it—and help to tell it.

  5. Increase commercial and residential property values in Dearborn.

    A powerful story can drive demand for property just like a strong brand can drive demand for products. In this way, building a strong Dearborn brand stands to benefit every property owner in our city.

  6. Drive tourism.

    The scope of brand development extends not only to businesses and residents but also to increasing Dearborn’s appeal as a destination worth visiting for shopping, dining, entertainment, cultural and recreational offerings.

  7. Encourage students to live, stay and play in Dearborn while enhancing area colleges’ brand appeal and student population growth.

    Dearborn is home to a University of Michigan campus as well as an excellent two-year college. Through the brand exercise, we want to strengthen the connection between the city and the schools.