• Why This Initiative?

Fine tuning our Dearborn story to create one voice and a strong brand.

The Dearborn brand initiative is designed to support economic growth and vitality for our city. How will our brand help us to achieve this? By allowing us to tell the best possible story about who we are and what we offer to the people we most want to attract. With a shared story to tell, we can reach out to these people in the most confident, responsive and unified way. We can capture their attention and imagination. And we can lay a solid foundation for tracking our progress.


We are a city—and also a brand. On a map, you can clearly see Dearborn is a city. In the marketplace, you can clearly see we’re a brand: We’re a brand because we compete with other cities for companies, talent, tourist dollars and more. When we succeed, our economy and our quality of life stand to benefit. So it only makes sense to do the best job we can of communicating all the strengths and benefits we offer.